Softymo Hyaluronic Acid Cleansing Gel 210G

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Skin which is beautiful care with essence component in makes the skin brimming with moisture. Contains plant-born cleansing ingredients. Realize a refreshing feeling of makeup removal. A gel with a refreshing atmosphere will quickly and well be applied to makeup that enters the pores and textures of the skin. type cleansing. Contains serum component W hyaluronic acid & moisture veil part (moisturizing). Contains two types of hyaluronic acid that provide and protect moisture. The skin is brimming with moisture and fresh. Is usually used even if your hands and face are wet in a bathroom. Only for washing away. Weakly acidic, unscented, and uncolored. Remove makeup. Float makeup quickly and cleanly. Plant-born cleansing ingredients are Lauroyl glutamate Na, moist bale ingredients are carbomer and BG. The right way to use: Put an appropriate volume on your palm (cherry size / approx. 3g), blend nicely with makeup, and after that rinse with water which is warm. When hands and face are incredibly wet, use after draining lightly.

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