Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Deep Aqua Portable Mirror Rouge 1 Pc

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It is a rouge with a mirror of a container created- Positive Many Meanings - of sailor Neptune's merchandise Deep Aqua Mirror as a motif, showing up on tv anime Sailor Moon. Since the mirror part might be folded, it could be put away quite easily in the pouch. Additionally, it may be put to use as a hand mirror holding a cap aspect, etc., for make-up etc. on the go and it is extremely convenient. How you can use: The bottom of the tube can only be twisted in one path. Twist the base with care to the right to raise the lipstick to at least 1mm. A clicking sound is included in each twist. The lipstick itself is non-retractable. To be in a position to replace the cap on the conduit, be sure to twirl only once.

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