Anti-Poxidizing Magical Cream 130Ml

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All-round repair anti-oxidizing facial product Witness the natural glow of plump skin Spreads a shielding layer on every last inch of your skin; stimulates skin cell metabolism and inhibits muscle contraction; fights aging of the skin and also formation of fine lines. The lightweight lotion with a smooth texture may be perfectly imbibed by the cells, leaving behind a fine layer of moisture that covers every inch of your tender skin. The Nobel prize-winning pieces filter into the deepest dermis. Retains moisture, refines epidermis and brightens skin tone; restores plumpness and elasticity. Ingredients: Nobel prize-winning component C60 fullerence 125X anti-oxidising power, triggers skin cells and counters aging Other ingredients: World s initial youth water (Mayleech youth formulaTM), SYN AKE Peptides, dalton in the range 2000, 10-100 amino acid molecule, remex crispus extract MAP, hyaluroinic acid, mimosa extract, seaweed, vitamins The right way to use: Apply daily, morning and night: 1-2 pumps

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