Kate Metal Glamor Eyes 2 Types

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Chic and also glamorous dark metal eye. Eye shadow creating- Positive Many Meanings - dark metal eye like pseudo-enlarged with chic depth and also luxury come alive. How to use: Take the highlight on the heavier recommendation and gently stretch all areas of the eyelid. Medium is brought on the heavier tip and it is blurred a little wider than the eye hole. Take deep into the more delicate facet of the chip and stretch out it line-wise to the upper section of the eyelid side 1/3 of the top of eyelid's wrinkle and lower eyelid. Use a dark metallic on your finger, lightly stack on the eyelid's side area of the corner of the eyes properly and gather the depth. Go on a glitter on the more delicate facet of the finger or perhaps tip and overlap in a way as to place it properly at the center of the upper and lower eyelids, the sparkle stands out as well as gets to be a three-dimensional eye. Points to make deeper eyes: By putting dimly lit metallic broadly in the complete eyelid, it will be finished in a rich dark steel eyes. Pack Size - 3g

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